2013 Commission on the Status of Women

American Mothers is excited to announce their sponsorship of the following panel discussion at the United Nations.

Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 10:30 a.m on the 10th Floor - Church Center for the United Nations.  Anyone is welcome to attend. Click HERE for more information!

Globalization and Violence Against Women: Examining Female Labor, Migration, and the Impact on Families


Globalization has had an incredible impact on women around the world and has resulted in border crossing for economic opportunities for millions.  Women from countries struggling with poverty are leaving their homes, and their families, to migrate to prosperous states where they can find work, support themselves, and provide for their loved ones.  In wealthy countries like the U.S., women are taking on careers and are hiring women from poverty stricken nations to take on “women’s work.”  Thus, women struggling in poverty are taking up a global commute and leaving their own children behind to care for the children of other women.

While some female migrants find work as maids or nannies, others have a much harsher outcome.   Many women find themselves manipulated into crossing borders only to have their passports stolen, mobility halted, and are forced into the sex trade.  Thus the process of globalization has resulted in massive costs to Third World women where economic opportunities require a global commute, separation from family, exploitation, and risk of becoming sex slaves.

This panel will examine the high costs of globalization for women, gender and economic inequity, and the overall impact on families.  Proposals will be made to improve the lives and opportunities of migrant women engaged in domestic work, to prevent trafficking and enslavement, and to counterbalance the systematic transfer of “women’s work” from poor to wealthy nations and the impact on the children and families left behind.


Michele Stopera Freyhauf - Professor at Ursuline College, Doctoral Student at Durham University (UK) - focuses on women and social justice.

Topic:  “Cyber Brides: Female Subjugation and Economic Enslavement”

Gina Messina-Dysert, Ph.D., M.B.A., - Director of WIRE, Center for Women's Interdisciplinary Research and Education at Claremont Graduate University.

Topic:  “Women, Globalization, and the Sex Trade”

Yolanda Perez, President of American Mothers, Puerto Rico

Natalie Kertes Weaver, Ph.D., Ursuline College