Nominations for 2014 Mother of the Year!

You probably know the greatest mother in the country, right?

Maybe she’s your mother. Maybe she’s an aunt, a friend, maybe even someone you saw on the news. Maybe she writes a blog you love.

Heck, maybe it’s you. No shame in that; every mother has obstacles and challenges that she’s overcome. You should be proud.

Here’s the thing: we want to celebrate great mothers. In fact, recognizing great mothers is at the core of what we do.

Nominations for Mother of the Year are open in all 50 states and the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. We want to hear about mothers across America: old, young, birth mothers, adoptive mothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, it doesn’t matter. We want to hear their stories, and we want to honor them.

Click here and nominate your choice for Mother of the Year. We’re honoring two selections from each state - a Mother of the Year and a Young Mother of the Year (for those under 40.)

Maybe it’s a mom who overcame great odds to keep her family together. Maybe it’s a mom who puts in a full work week and still volunteers with her kids on the weekends.

Every mother has a story. Every mother has challenges. We want to hear them all!

Winners of each state are automatically finalists for National Mother of the Year or National Young Mother of the Year. We’re also looking for more mothers to honor through our “Mother of Achievement” awards, which honor mothers who have made a strong impact on children in their community through their dedication to service.

There’s no fee to submit, and it will probably only take you a few minutes. Looking for some inspiration? Click here to visit our news page, where we’ve linked to dozens of articles news media have written about the mothers we’ve honored.

For more details, click here to read our press release.

Click here to nominate your choice for Mother of the Year